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Brook B. Taube is a successful entrepreneur, investor, business builder, musician, philanthropist, and father. He has founded and built multiple billion-dollar companies, two of which are listed via initial public offering on the NYSE. Brook began his career in financial services at Bankers Trust in the early 1990s and has been building financial services businesses for over 25 years. These businesses have provided capital to over 500 companies, creating thousands of jobs in 35 different industries throughout North America. He has mentored colleagues who now hold senior positions at many of the top Wall Street firms. Brook Taube currently resides in Wilmington, NC with his wife and four children. Although he has lived and worked in the hustle and bustle of New York City for over 25 years, he decided several years ago that North Carolina was a better place to balance work and family life. He has three sons and a daughter, two brothers, two nieces, and two nephews.


Brook Taube received a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College in 1992. His parents were committed to education and inspired the same for Brook and his siblings.  Brook’s mother was a career special education teacher in the local New Hampshire school system, where he grew up and attended public schools from kindergarten to high school before enrolling at Harvard. His father was a professor, lawyer, and judge whose career also orbited mental health, family law, and education. Education has always been a priority for Brook, and he continues to focus on education with respect to his own family and in the way he gives back philanthropically.

Business Leader

As a seasoned and successful entrepreneur, Brook Taube’s experience has focused on financial services, but has also reached more broadly to include healthcare, technology, and other growing industries.

Recently, he was an early sponsor of Progressive Therapeutics Inc. (www.pti.life), whose mission is to improve the mental wellness of millions of people globally. PTI’s initial focus is on emotional disorders affecting women, with additional products for broader mental health conditions in the pipeline.

Brook has also been working with early-stage technology companies focused on creating protocols that appropriately procure and anonymize data, setting standards for how technology should be used in the future.

With over 30 years of experience as an executive, board member, and investor, Brook brings a valuable perspective to companies that have growing teams and that benefit from his strategic guidance and help accessing capital.

Philanthropy and Charitable Contributions 

Brook has prioritized community involvement from a young age. The son of a judge who specialized in social welfare and a mother who has helped many children with special needs, Brook regularly engages in and supports activities that aid education and healthcare on a local and broader scale. Brook is passionate about supporting a healthy and sustainable planet, childhood education, and global mental health innovation. He and his wife have been active supporters of Memorial Sloan Kettering and the effort to provide world-class cancer care for many years. Brook has contributed millions of dollars towards these areas of focus over the last 20 years.

Personal Hobbies 

Brook Taube has varied interests outside of work. He believes that activities and hobbies ground him and encourage discipline and patience that help him personally and professionally.

He has a passionate love of music, having played the violin and viola for over 45 years. In addition, he plays the guitar and the mandolin. This love of music has been passed to his children, who play guitar and piano. He has served on the boards of the New York Philharmonic and the New Amsterdam Symphony. His love of and dedication to music have made him a staunch supporter of the arts over the years.

As mental health has been a recurring theme in his investments, his hobbies also include those that help alleviate stress and maintain a healthy mind. Brook is an avid cyclist (road, mountain, and gravel), and he competes on a regular basis at the amateur level both domestically and internationally. He rides for Dave Jordan Racing, a team based in NYC.

In addition to being an accomplished violinist and an avid cyclist, Brook loves to surf and ski with his family, and continues to find time for golf and tennis. Brook has always been an avid reader (now more audiobooks than hard copy), and his areas of interest include current affairs, history, science, politics, religion, and biographies of all types.

Brook Taube

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